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In the heart of Podolsk is the restaurant "Russian tea", which worthily takes its place and ready to delight everyone who will be in the arms of the oasis nobility and dignity in the pace of modern life the city.


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Live seafood

In the heart of Podolsk is the restaurant "Russian tea", which worthily takes its place and ready to delight everyone who will be in the arms of the oasis nobility and dignity in the pace of modern life the city.

Not every restaurantcan boastof seafoodin its menu.In the restaurant "Russiantea"you can enjoy the masterpieces ofworldrecipes for cookingseafood. On-site restaurant features amirror pond, which ishome to several species offishyou catch andwill cookto your table. Also, there are dishes fromexotic delicacies, suchas oysters, squid, crabormussels. The abundance of recipes forshrimp, scallopsormussels.Inthe menu of the restaurant "Russiantea"you can tryfillingfroma gentleperch, salted salmon, whichfits perfectlyundera strong glass of vodka. Forlovelyladies whoprefersparklingdrinks, ideal for an abundance of foodcombined with exotic caviar oroysters. Inviting a ladyout for dinner, trythe amazingdish of salmon steakwith musselsin cream-caviar sauce,which will blow the spotwith its softtasteand finearoma.For loversof cheeseandfish delicaciesthe menu offersa dish ofhalibutwith cheese sauce, served ona bed ofbraisedcauliflower. Our chefs are alwaysworriedabout the usefulnessof cooked food, which is whyyou can trysalmon, steamed orcarproastedin the exotic tandoor. An abundance of saladswith unusual combinations of seafood andexoticingredientswill appeal toall lovers ofunconventional solutions. The menu includesa variety of saladsmade from recipesof the Mediterraneanand the East, such asItaliansalad witharugulaandprawnsin combinationwith musselsand unusual dressing ofherbs, lemon andolive oil.Loversof caviarlike "house salad,caviarand shrimpinavocado", this is a lovelytrio ofavocado,caviar and shrimp, butalsohave to tastea Duoof caviarand salmon. For those who preferexotic dishes, the restaurant offerssalad, which includesmangoin combinationwith seafood. Salad "Russiantea" will surpriseeven the most experienced gourmetsyour tandemtasteand amazing aroma, the composition of suchnationalsaladcomes withchicken fillet, fried in oliveoil untilpinkcrustin combinationwith prawnsandvegetables in acream saucewith cognac. The restaurant "Russiantea"has something to surpriseguests.Wonderfulrecipesof moderncuisineora fusionof the old recipesMediterranean countrieswill appeal toall lovers ofhealthy and tastyfood.Everyone will be able to enjoythe culinary delights ofsittingoutside onthe porch oryour own homeby ordering adelivery of their favorite dishes at home.
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In the restaurant "Russian tea" cooks with: vast experience; unimaginable wealth of knowledge of several kinds of food; skills for making culinary masterpieces.

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"Russian tea" comes from the 90s, over the years of its existence has not lost its identity and today has a full right to be called a classic restaurant! Amazing, diverse in its manifestation and unique for even the most refined taste of sophisticated guests! The name of this wonderful place carries the warmth and coziness of the interior, and in addition, the promise of magical diversity refined and sophisticated treats. And this is easily seen by doing a quick walk through the restaurant where there is something to admire! A pleasant friendly sound of the waterfall will meet You a gentle rustle, and a winding Creek with fish holds to carved pergola will delight the appearance of a small Alpine slides, in a word, picturesque area, where you can forget that you are in the bustle of city life.

The variety of stylish interior opens European hall offers as a business lunch or a friendly dinner that can turn into a romantic. To the accompaniment of live music of quality corresponding to the taste of the guests, you can enjoy a tasty carp or sturgeon, sturgeon or trout, grown in own pond "Russian tea" and caught and cooked especially for You! On the second floor of the restaurant is situated a Small VIP-room for 12-14 people. In front of the cozy VIP - hall for small banquets, we offer You a Hunting hall with a capacity of 25-35 people. The concept interior met in the style of an old medieval castle. Here, guests can celebrate various family events. To organize themed parties. To conduct corporate events.

A special place in the realm of the restaurant "Russian Tea" is to define the adjacent territory, which includes 3 pavilions for small businesses for 12 people each pavilion, VIP gazebo for 100 people and summer terrace, which in the warm season is the most lovely place to stay. Refreshing coolness, comfortable Seating – what more could you ask for in hot the sun city!

The functionality of all of the pavilions lies in their versatility. In cold weather they can turn into a cozy nest, where you can warm up and summer to be the salvation from the sweltering heat due to its proximity to the reservoir clear water and live fish.

But the pearl of our restaurant can be called oysters, scallops seaside and Kamchatka crabs that You like fish, you can choose your own in the exam aquarium, located on the main deck of the restaurant.

We are unique and unmistakable in dishes on the grill, and no wonder very popular in the restaurant "Russian tea" are dishes cooked in a tandoor oven and on the coals: carp, trout or a juicy skewer of steamed pork and veal, mutton, lyulya-kebab in the range. The highlight of the dishes on an open fire can be called saj-kebab, served on a mini charcoal grill.

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In the restaurant "Russiantea"cookswith: vast experience; unimaginablewealth of knowledgeof several kinds of food; skillsfor makingculinarymasterpieces.Andthe dishes themselves, and their presentationin the menureflect the worldviewof the restaurant's cooks. If you decideto ask the chefsof the restaurant "Russiantea"question: "Whatdo you like most aboutyour profession?", you will hearin response: "immediatesatisfaction", "ableto make people happy", "constantly improve", "to mix the ingredientswithout breaking theunique tasteof eachof them.
"The restaurant "Russiantea"has something to surpriseguests.Wonderful recipes forthe modern kitchena fusionorancient recipesof the Mediterranean countries,dishes of Easternand European cuisineswill appeal toall lovers ofhealthy and tastyfood.Everyone will be able to enjoythe culinary delights. Cookingin the restaurant "Russiantea"focused onthe current understanding ofa healthy lifestyle. The emphasison usingfresh ingredients.World of cookingis asvaried asthe entire world culture. By and large, the foodis partof culture. The chefof the restaurant "Russiantea" - it's one bigclose-knit team,headed bychefKonstantin VladimirovichYemelyanov. Here are the statementsof chefsaboutwhat qualitiesheappreciates mostin his team members: "Experience incritical situations," "diverse skillsinculinaryschoolsof the world", "the opportunity to learnfrom himanything", "it to besomeone Ican learnon the go", "desireto learn and to please people".
The delicate taste ofone of the essential qualitiesof the chef.It is necessary to constantly develop. One of the waysto try andwhat flavorsor combinations of flavorspleasing to you.Once you understand the laws of composition, you'll be ableto composea Symphony.Konstantin Vladimirovichadmonisheshis team, "foodcreators" with the words: "to Be a good cookif just havingtheir ownview of things. Successis seeking someone whois looking for an opportunityto learnfrom the best representativesof the profession."To himself, the chefof the restaurant "Russiantea" makesno less seriousthanto our teamof chefs.
"The chefshould be a combination ofcuriosity, self-restraint, self-improvementand patience," saysKonstantin Vladimirovich. Ifyou are a real foodieand lovedelicious, and most importantly, healthy food, visit the restaurant "Russiantea". This placeis located inthe heart of the cityand is readyto surprise you withrecipescollectedfrom all over the world. Join our guests whohave become real fansof the cuisineof the restaurant "Russiantea". You will be able to seeand understand exactlywhythis placeenjoyssuch a reputation.
PS. Aftera good dinner one can forgive anybody,even one's own relatives. WhenI'min big trouble,Irefuseeverythingexcept delicious foodandgooddrinks.
Oscar Wilde
Everythingboringin addition todelicious and healthy food!

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In the restaurant "Russiantea"for youa wide selectionof dishesthat will not leaveindifferent even the mostsophisticated gourmet.The restaurant "Russiantea"is always concernednot onlyaboutthe taste of the dishes, but also about theirnutritional value andusefulness.That is whythere is a widerange of culinary delightsfrom seafood, onlyfresh fishyou catchright before your eyes. Servedthe dishin combinationwith baked vegetablesor otherside dishes, like steamed ricerecipesfrom India, Uzbekistanor China.You will also be able to enjoy theculinary delightsof meat. The menu includesmeats, kebabs, boiled, bakedorpaireddelicacies fromjuicytenderloin, tenderloinorbrisket.
Chefs will surpriseyou with an authenticGerman porkcombined withsauerkrautGerman recipe, roastin a Caucasian mannerorchickenin a tandoor, the splint is set up,beef tenderloin, variety of burgersand toppings. Lamb or vealin Frenchwould be a great choicefor celebratinganniversaries orromantic dinnerswith the second half. Such an abundance of food, the attentivewaiters will be able to offerspicy sauces, specially prepared for you.All of these dishes, sauces, alcoholic and non-alcoholicdrinks, side dishesordelicious dessertsyou can tryat home,orderingdelivery of their favorite dishes at home. In the restaurant "Russiantea" worksthe friendly staff ofcooks, waiters, supervisors and deliverymen whowill be ableto offer youa decent selection, to recommenda drink, cook aculinary masterpieceandpromptly deliveryour order to yourhome,office orany convenient place.

The kitchen in the restaurant "Russian tea"